25 June, 2008

50 has arrived - not so earth shattering

I must say that I have enjoyed arriving and passing this milestone. That's what it is, too. I was taken to lunch by friends last week, adorned with a flower arrangement that is still beautiful, treated to an overnight trip out of town to see a wonderful concert with my hubbie. I am blessed to have good friends and family.

I rode my bike on a club ride on my actual birth date. It took me some time to decide whether to ride the 18 or the 34 miler. While I wanted to do the 34, I didn't want to get caught at dusk or dark and still not back to the start. I opted for the short ride. The two split about 7 miles in, I chased the fast group until mile 6 or so and then lost sight of them. By mile 10 I was hating that I didn't do the long version and in just a few minutes a large crack of lightning went across the sky, the clouds darkened and I decided I did the right thing by taking the short route. I don't think any of the guys I spoke with got wet until they started loading their bikes, but I wouldn't have been so fast or so lucky.

Hubby took me to Indy on Sunday. We dropped our bags at the hotel and ventured to the mall. It's a 4-story 2 block building and we took our time walking through. Grabbed an ice cream and strolled back once we thought our room would be ready. Stayed at the Crowne Plaza which is in the old Union Station. Our room was a converted rail car = very nice accomodations. The concert was Return to Forever. These 4 guys hadn't played together as this group in 25 years. The show was fantastic. first set was electric, second set was acoustic with each having a solo. We slept in on Monday and took our time getting home. This was such a relaxed weekend and phenomenal concert.

I went to bike class and we practiced bumping into each other without falling. Then learned to do track stands. I rode to and from the ride and got in 20 for the night. I rode 30 on Saturday morning and then 22 last night. I've had a couple of women that are being very helpful to me. Talking about how strong I am and letting me know how I can improve by adjusting my position or cadence, etc.

I am a fortunate person. I am feeling great. So lucky to have quit smoking, It was 11 months on Monday! start riding, and living life.


cycledork said...

Happy birthday. It sounds like you had a good one.

Sherri said...

Thanks Dork! it was good, what more could a girl ask for? BTW I updated that I've past the 11 month mark too.

Mz Diva said...

Happy 50! YOu are doing great! You are my exercise inspiration!