18 June, 2008

These are the last hours I will be

under 50 years of age. I was born June 19, 1958. I don't know the exact date but started smoking cigarettes in the summer of 1972. I was an addict well before that night at the skating rink. Almost every adult in my family smoked tobacco. I never got sick. I just wanted another one. I quit tobacco July 23, 2007. I spent 35 years polluting my body. I am so thankful I found Chantix. I knew that I couldn't just stop smoking. I needed to make a life-style change commitment. Not for a week, month, short-term. Life-time, life-style change. Get depressed? Move! Work it out of the system. We need laughter, ambition, goals. Get up and do something!

I haven't taken any type of pain reliever for months. I was taking an Aleve at least 3 times a week last summer. I can't remember when I felt this good, alive, eager to do something more. I have taken advantage of an opportunity. I hope I can live the next 35 years, become a role model, do good things and live a healthy life.

This is not an EASY thing to do. If it was easy it wouldn't be worth the trouble. Any thing worth having is hard work. I've made sure that I have breakfast at least 5 of 7 days a week. Typically it's oatmeal about 7:30 during the work week. By 10, I'm having hunger pangs. I am always hungry. Just need to eat several small meals during the day. Apple or yogurt around 10:30, go to lunch at 11:30. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. A banana and protein bar before my ride, some small snack driving home. Beer is my downfall! I need to work on my abs! My tummy bounces off of my thighs while pedaling down in the drops. I hate that! So, I have a way to go before I achieve some of my goals.

Diva sent me a note and called me a jock. Thanks love, but I don't think so. I watch these guys that race and I am in awe. I'd love to smash my legs on those pedals that hard and fast. I just try to chase them as long and hard as I can most days. There are times I just lay back, not often.

Odd, but I'll be happy to wake up in the morning, watch the sun come up and know that it's gonna be a great day!


maggie's mind said...

Yay, and Happy Birthday! I also feel more alive than I have probably ever felt in my life thanks to quitting smoking. Amazing the effect and so very worth the effort. Hope you celebrate your birthday in style!

Mz Diva said...

Happy Birthday...you have given yourself the best gift by quitting smoking. Now you are able to do all that healty stuff you are into doing. Let me know how everything is going with you.