28 June, 2008

Last days of June

More and more it amazes me how fast time goes by.

I am so glad that my BFF started the chantix last July. I'm very proud of her. She's busted her arse at work and has built a great team. Those she's managed to make it look easy I know it's been stressful. But she remains tobacco free. And! her hubby still smokes, in the house, too. Our quitting together made it so much easier. Closing in on a full year. This is still surreal at times, because smoking was so embedded into my daily life.

I rode Tuesday with Dixie at the BBC club ride. We had a nice paceline going down River Rd about 21 mph. She flipped my stem for me once back at the start. Said I've moved into the next stage and it looked like I was straining to lean further forward and down, but the handlebars were to high to allow it. Took Wednesday off of the bike, but during lunch I ran to waterfront park and around the great lawn twice with Oli. I walked more than I'd like to admit, but haven't run since March. My quads and calfs talked to me most of the evening and all day on Thursday. Went to the Club Fruit ride on Thursday. It was cancelled eventually, rain, lightning, and thunderstoms rolled through. I'm not riding with lightning. Get club credit 'cause I showed and signed up for the 30. My legs were still talking and I should've gotten on the trianer and worked out the tightness, but I didn't. Friday they were still aching, so after having dinner with Hubby, I rode 10 miles in my neck of the woods. By mile 4 my legs felt great!

This morning I rode my first 60 and I'd waited too long since the last (and first) long ride at 50. This was Tim's Chat and NIbble ride. I rode 57+ miles actual in 4:15, slooooow, add 15 minutes to total time away for store stop.There were between 30 and 40 that showed, (I think that's right) Mike was the only one that ate at the Chat and Nibble, I couldn't find it. He said he took about an hour there. Well he caught up with me, I was dead last and had just barely lost sight of the next to last guy in front of me. Mike is a monster cyclist, distance wise. He stayed with me the rest of the way back, so nice. I felt so guilty. Told him to go on, but wouldn't. He even pushed me up one hill. Most of these people are really good and a bit eccentric, too. So he averaged 20.2 mph on the way to Eminence. I slowed him down to 16.6 for the full ride. My avg was just under 14. SLOOOOOOOW. Gonna buy him a beer at least on Tuesday, maybe even splurge for his burger, too. He's riding a Mad Dog Century tomorrow, Boston to Munfordsville and back. This ride has hills, some rolling and several that don't roll. :-) On the way back we ride Aiken Road. I was aching from it. When we first turn onto it, it goes up a very decent incline, I don't know the grade. Then there are 2 back to back hills everyone has nicknamed Twin Peaks. At one point (I don't remember the specific road or hill) Mike put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me uphill. A.B. said I'd be fine on this one as long as I didn't go out at 20+mph. He was right, well I was almost fine. Still trying to build my strength and keep the cadence going uphill. Need lots more practice!

Hope to do tomorrow's Heine Bro's ride. Glenview should be a breeze after today! Last night for bike handling class is Monday. Short week these next 2 for me. Yippee!

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maggie's mind said...

Wow, good for you and for your friend, too! I can't imagine doing this with a spouse who smoked, much less in the house (none of my business, but wow, I'm kind of shocked by that). So glad you have a real life person doing the same as you - that's gotta be nice!