08 June, 2008

Good and hot Sunday afternoon

Spring is gone for 2008 in the Ohio Valley. Slept in this morning after drinking lots of beer on wedding day. Hydrated all morning. Moved outside around 10:15 - first to mow the lawn. That takes just about an hour. If I'd done the weed-eating it would've taken longer. Moved the laptops outside. Surfed on one while conducting due diligence on hubbies. Think it needs more work.

Filled all the water bottles I could find and left for Heine Bro's ride. 95F +, I need to buy a thermometer for the bike. Pavement downtown was scorching. I rode with the lead group for a little while - wound up with the 2nd fast group by end of Lexington going downtown - They moved ahead on River Road. It was so hot - I decided to try and conserve something for Glenview. A colleague and I road together. She decided to cut it short as this was her 1st ride this year on the road bike. I went with her, which cut about 5 miles off the club ride. But as hot as it was, I think this was the smart thing to do. I am definitely going to work on building up mileage this week. Really want to do at least 50 this weekend. Maybe 60+ the following and a century either end of month or July.

I'm wondering what July and August will bring since we are having back to back to back days in 90+ and it's not the middle of June yet!

It is good to perspire. Sweat out all those toxins. I'm still trying to stay away from sugar when possible. Heine has a frozen cap that looked cooling, but chocked full of sugar. I opted for the unsweet iced tea and water instead. Wonder if I should invest in one of those camels. It's a water bag that sits like a backpack and a hose for drinking. Probably for the longer rides.

Think I might look into a field trip to St. Louis soon. A good friend/colleague lives there. We need to catch up. She's invited me to visit. See what I can do.

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