25 June, 2013

not enough time in the saddle

and I'm cranky, stiff, feeling old and getting out of shape too fast. Went for a hike tonight. IT.was.hot.  
maybe I can get squared away in July

24 June, 2013

Last week of Short Track Racing

in Louisville KY is about to happen. So I jumped in the Women's A/B race week before last. I was not compettive at all. So I took the SS to the shop and switched the rear cog to a 20 instead of 22 I've been riding. Went to Eva Bandman and rode around a bit, backwards and forewards. Its tough and I will be slow. Now I know I'll be lapped before the finish. But I will have fun and maybe provide some comic relief.  :)


19 June, 2013

Double Nickel

At one point I never assumed I would reach this attainment of numbers that count my time here this time around. I am rich and I do not take for granted the fact I have so many people I count as friends in this life. I am grateful ad fortunate to know so many from childhood to college and married life, friends from my daughters and friends of my daughters. Family has this meaning that doesn't exclude to blood. 
Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday whether verbally or mentally or textually (is that a word?)  It's not the day I had in mind. But that's ok. There are times you just have to slow to a speed that works for the moment. I was blessed to have lunch with my sister. All last minute kind of things which is always delightful. Then my entire evening was spent watching and cheering on friends that race the Short Track race tonight at Eva Bandman Park. What FUN we have. It is always a joy to watch the 2 and 3 year olds racing their striders. This is one of the special events you can find in Louisville on a week night.
55 and loving every day I wake up to. 
Next week is #5 and the last of this year's short track series. I hope to race. Maybe just jump on the SS and see. Gonna be last so might a well see what this bike and body can put together. hahahaha

I love you, each and everyone. 


16 June, 2013

more bike riding - I love to play

Land Between the Lakes last weekend. It was the White Lightning XC race, that follows the Canal loop. An attempt at racing in pouring rain only to crash and bump my head about mile 3.5 or 4 continue to finish the lap and then DNF. Head just kept hurting worse an worse. All in all it was a great weekend. Unfortunately several of my friends also DNF.  But others did and anyone that can race 30+ miles in pouring rain are superstars in my book! 

I bought a single speed MTB. I have several friends that ride single speeds all the time so I asked why. top answers consistently are that it will make you smoother and increase your power/strength. I shopped and priced and on limited budget purchased the Cannondale SLR3. it came with a rigid fork named FATTY. I ordered a Reba shock for the front but headset was delayed in arriving. So I took it to Cherokee the evening I got it and rode the loop. So much fun! however, my hands and arms were beat up and hurt all night long riding with no front suspension. This is the first hard tail I've ever ridden. it is definitely a different ride than my scalpel. I found a pair of flat pedals that have a thin profile but large platform at 100x100 cm. Now I need the shoes to come in. I've been wearing my old running shoes because they have the fewest lugs and are fairly smooth and worn in the bottom. but they are worn out and I should have shoes with stiff soles. 

I had this thought I might go to Ben Hawes after the LBL race on the way home but with the rain and muddy bike and me I came home and cleaned everything straightaway. Trashed the BB again! so annoying but inevitable. 

There was a DINO race this weekend at French Lick. Wasn't into the idea of racing so instead I packed up the car and went to Brown County State Park in Indiana. I took both bikes with the intention of riding SS on Saturday up top and then the Scalpel on Sunday for all of the climbing. I rode Limekiln and Walnut from the camp site. Got a late start, but didn't really have a timeframe in mind. By the time I got back to Limekiln I realized I had the front shock locked out! Hah, that was not smart. But riding Limekiln back to the campground was fast and flowy and so much fun. I even caught the slightest bit of air at one point. :)  I need to get used to the flat pedals though. A couple of times my feet flew off of them and that made me a tad nervous. Once I got back to the campground I grabbed a snack and a beer. Thought about what I'd just ridden. Then took off to ride again, but explore Schooner Trace. This is the Expert trail at Brown County. LOTS of rock garden areas, some man made and some natural. There's one section that is so off-camber I couldn't tell much difference from the trail to the hillside. I walked that. It was a long way down. I walked a lot of this trail, but rode as much as I could. I got to the road crossing and didn't see the trailhead on the other side. I should've looked harder. Took a detour down the road and then had to climb back up. :-)  By the time I got back to the campsite it was 8:30. I had a nice fire, meal, shower and beverage. Slept in until 8:30 this morning! By the time I ate and got everything together it started to rain. Missed the opportunity to ride Green Valley. My legs talked to me off an on all night. They were very tired this morning. But first I explored some of Brown County I hadn't seen before. Ogle lake is pretty and made me wish I had a kayak or canoe.I walked up to North Tower and caught the view. 

Driving south on I-65 on a whim I jumped off at the North Vernon Exit. Started checking the weather maps and thought I saw a dry spot. So I drove to Versailles. It has a little elevation, but nothing terribly steep. I thought about it and decided to ride the SS again. I have it for training, no time like the present to stay focused. I was slow, but not as slow as I thought I'd be. Actually a couple of Strava segments I was only a minute or two slower than my fastest time there. When I got back to the car and started loading the bike it started to sprinkle rain. Once I got changed and behind the steering wheel it started to pour. Seems everything works out for the best most times. I don't like driving in the heavy rainfall, but just relaxed and took my time. Got home and eveyrthing was dry, but dark clouds were fast approaching from the west. Again, I got everything unloaded and into the house before the storm hit. 

I am tired and my legs are sore. I have a smile on my face though and very grateful I can do things like this still. The saddle issue seems like it will be chronic for the foreseeable future. I think I'll just ride as much as I can an try to ignore it until I can't stand it. 

I thought a lot about my Dad this weekend as I rode. I miss him. I hope all the Dad's out there had a wonderful holiday today and hopefully got to go play.


Me getting ready to drive home after weekend of riding SS MTB. not flattering picture but honest and real. getting old

04 June, 2013

Good day

work was good, took a power nap when I got home, knocked down the grass in the front yard and left to ride trails. Not many people on foot tonight. Maybe because I started later. Plenty of MTBers though. 

At one point during my ride, coming down KYMBA downhill I heard someone behind me but I kept pedaling hard. Finally at one point the trail opened and I said to come around. He was like, that's ok you're riding well and I'm enjoying watching you. You are taking good lines. Well that made my day, especially when I saw who it was. Yes, I pulled to the side and let him around. Tried to hang on his wheel, but I am not fast enough for that. This guy does the longer races. 

Have plenty of work to do. Still way too slow and need to learn how to do the twisty turny stuff with more speed. Mostly I need to get issues under control so I can ride more. Hope I can race short track tomorrow. We will see when it comes. No matter what the Short Track series is a blast whether you race or spectate. MTBers are fun people to be around


oh yeah. my max HR is now going into 210 and higher on regular basis. that's NUTZ

02 June, 2013

Germantown in springtime

It's been a very quiet lovely day. Slept til 7 got up at 8. I swept a lot. Drove to friends and picked up some Iris, dug and planted. Cleaned bikes. piddled. Didn't ride. thought about it. it's been a nice sabbath, day of rest. Rest for the mind. Temps have been perfect for a MTB ride. Trails were probably fine except for usual wet places. 

Sitting outside at Nach bar, listening to some tunes.People are all about their phones. Fine. don't come around me. "times have changed". well fuck that shit. rudeness is rudeness. Multi tasking you say, I say fuck that shit. especially if I'm a customer in your store. 

and now back to the day I had earlier.Beautiful  temps. Everything is green. New blooms are exploding into their brilliance of life.  Need to ride my bike next couple of days to be sure. 

Sometimes solitude wins over all the rest.