02 June, 2013

Germantown in springtime

It's been a very quiet lovely day. Slept til 7 got up at 8. I swept a lot. Drove to friends and picked up some Iris, dug and planted. Cleaned bikes. piddled. Didn't ride. thought about it. it's been a nice sabbath, day of rest. Rest for the mind. Temps have been perfect for a MTB ride. Trails were probably fine except for usual wet places. 

Sitting outside at Nach bar, listening to some tunes.People are all about their phones. Fine. don't come around me. "times have changed". well fuck that shit. rudeness is rudeness. Multi tasking you say, I say fuck that shit. especially if I'm a customer in your store. 

and now back to the day I had earlier.Beautiful  temps. Everything is green. New blooms are exploding into their brilliance of life.  Need to ride my bike next couple of days to be sure. 

Sometimes solitude wins over all the rest. 


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