19 June, 2013

Double Nickel

At one point I never assumed I would reach this attainment of numbers that count my time here this time around. I am rich and I do not take for granted the fact I have so many people I count as friends in this life. I am grateful ad fortunate to know so many from childhood to college and married life, friends from my daughters and friends of my daughters. Family has this meaning that doesn't exclude to blood. 
Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday whether verbally or mentally or textually (is that a word?)  It's not the day I had in mind. But that's ok. There are times you just have to slow to a speed that works for the moment. I was blessed to have lunch with my sister. All last minute kind of things which is always delightful. Then my entire evening was spent watching and cheering on friends that race the Short Track race tonight at Eva Bandman Park. What FUN we have. It is always a joy to watch the 2 and 3 year olds racing their striders. This is one of the special events you can find in Louisville on a week night.
55 and loving every day I wake up to. 
Next week is #5 and the last of this year's short track series. I hope to race. Maybe just jump on the SS and see. Gonna be last so might a well see what this bike and body can put together. hahahaha

I love you, each and everyone. 


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Allison said...

Hey! Happy Birthday you young pup. Good luck with this season's racing.