04 June, 2013

Good day

work was good, took a power nap when I got home, knocked down the grass in the front yard and left to ride trails. Not many people on foot tonight. Maybe because I started later. Plenty of MTBers though. 

At one point during my ride, coming down KYMBA downhill I heard someone behind me but I kept pedaling hard. Finally at one point the trail opened and I said to come around. He was like, that's ok you're riding well and I'm enjoying watching you. You are taking good lines. Well that made my day, especially when I saw who it was. Yes, I pulled to the side and let him around. Tried to hang on his wheel, but I am not fast enough for that. This guy does the longer races. 

Have plenty of work to do. Still way too slow and need to learn how to do the twisty turny stuff with more speed. Mostly I need to get issues under control so I can ride more. Hope I can race short track tomorrow. We will see when it comes. No matter what the Short Track series is a blast whether you race or spectate. MTBers are fun people to be around


oh yeah. my max HR is now going into 210 and higher on regular basis. that's NUTZ

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