23 June, 2014

Living life with no regret

Easy to read and write, but has taken me over 5 decades to learn and relearn and achieve. I've known since I was a teenager that I should not regret my choices or decisions. They all affect the next thing. Honestly, I would not change a thing because of the effect it would have on life as it currently is and will be tomorrow.

Leo wrote this recently http://zenhabits.net/regret/. I like to read his thoughts. 

I had some plumbing problems that kept me home tonight instead of riding the Monday night lady's ride. Glad I stayed home. One of Mom's classmates called and we talked for quite a while. 

While I don't regret the choices and changes that happen in my life, I do get sad about some of these events. Relationships that change or end. Arguments that happen. 

My recurring lesson in life, and I'm still stuggling with it, is letting go. Like I have any control over it by holding on, haha. Working on it.

So I've rambled. I do that more  and more lately. Random thoughts that want to be expressed in one form or another. 

I love my Mom. Ours hasn't been an easy relationship, but it's been genuine.