29 April, 2011

Really not doing this very well Miss having a best friend, someone to lean on sometimes.

21 April, 2011


so I hate when I am overwhelmed with sadness. It's unproductive and such a waste.

But I can't stop it or the tears.  

damn it

19 April, 2011


It seems like a very long time ago that I really felt at home. But today as I pulled into the garage and walked up the sidewalk through my backyard to the back door I was thinking "Home!". That is one of the best feelings I've had in quite sometime.

There's still much to do and right now it's all in a shambles. The grass keeps growing taller so tomorrow I must purchase grass cutting tools. I have some plants to put in pot and the ground. The next few weeks should keep me busy, definitely.

I rode the LBC ride tonight. It had been so long since I rode with a group of people I broke training. Hope coach is cool with that. I got dropped on Blankenbaker, but caught back up at the light on River Road. Riding down RR was interesting to say the least. So much yo-yoing going on. But I made it around Slugger field and back down RR almost to the bridge before I got dropped for good. 

I rode up to the house and just smiled. Wound up sitting on the glider on the front porch for a long time watching people walk their dogs or babies in strollers. Home

I must admit my favorite part of the new house is the whirlpool tub. I may go broke between the water bill and gas for the hot water heater. But a good hot soak before bed relaxes me so well. It's better than a sleeping pill!

peace everyone

17 April, 2011


This has been a busy week, fairly stressful with little time in the saddle. 

My oldest came and packed my kitchen on Sunday as I packed in the bedroom. I worked Monday all day and Tuesday about half a day. Walked through the house one last time @ 2:30 to make sure nothing major was wrong. They had removed both bathroom mirrors and the potrack that was bolted to the ceiling in the kitchen. These are considered permanent fixtures. With vacation and movers scheduled I wasn't going to hold up closing. The closing was scheduled for 3:30 and lasted until 5:00. I've been through closings many times in the past, but never one that took an hour and a half. I went back to the apt and started packing again. I was starving and had very little food so went to the Boom Bozz and grabbed dinner. By the time I got home I was exhausted. It had been a full day that started @ 6am and then a couple of calls and work kept going past noon. I looked around at what was left to do and decided I could get up at 5 and wrap it up before the movers arrived around 8:00 or so.

Well there was much to think about I guess. My friend insomnia dropped in around 2:00 and by 4:00 I decided to get up because they weren't leaving. I ate breakfast and went from one corner to another packing and packing. I'm surprised how much I still had to pack, because I had not unpacked much besides clothes and necessary dishes and pots from the last move in April 2010. I started loading bikes and gear in the car about 6:30. I tried very hard to be as quiet as possible and not wake up the neighbors. All 4 bikes fit quite well along with all of the extra wheels, pumps, helmets, camelbak and other gear. I also had other items that only I wanted to move. 

The weather was perfect with sunshine and temps in the 60s. Movers arrived by 8:20, surveyed the situation, wrapped what needed wrapping and carried all of my furniture and boxes down 25 wooden steps and loaded the moving van. We drove to the house straightaway, they moved everything in, setup  the bed. All completed in 3 hours time. Good experience. 

The rest of the week has been cleaning (they didn't leave it very clean) and upacking and purchasing necessities. I was totally taken aback that the prior owners had never cleaned out their kitchen cabinets. I mean they were still full of sawdust from being installed. They had lived in this house for about 10 months. I feel like I should've gotten more done, but the weather changed to rain and my hands started aching. 

I rode so little I hate to post about it. I got in a nice road ride on Thursday and trails on Friday. I even earned a new way to climb up Cochran hill. One of the younger mtn bikers was kind enough to join me. He was very patient. A very nice young man. I rode my road bike this afternoon. Having some issues and just can't seem to get comfortable.  Goal is to start each day with 30 minutes of recovery on the trainer this week. I need consistency and to find my mojo soon. Looks like another race will come and go next weekend.

I've met several neighbors. They are all very nice. Stopping by to say hello and introduce themselves. That's one very good thing about having a front porch. My brother came by and saw the house on Wednesday after I moved in. My youngest came by after work on Thursday and checked it out. I've been mostly to myself besides that.

I need to buy furniture and rugs. I hope to buy a reel mower or maybe a weed eater. Yard is small. I have lots of wishes. Most I know will remain so. 

Guess I should do my taxes now. yuk


04 April, 2011

Annual physical

Great way to start the week! Forgot to fast, so have to do that tonight and have blood pulled tomorrow a.m. to check my thyroid levels. But she'll also check my sugar and other things too I'm sure. She did an x-ray today to check bone density. I weigh 10 lbs more than last March, crap! I told her about my insomnia and she says it's a sign of depression. Asks if I want a script for sleeping pills, but they are addictive. No, I don't want sleeping pills.  I tell her about  and show her my hands. She says it's osteo-arthritis, rusting of the joints (just like a car) with age. "Not that you are old" but it will only get more painful and that's what ibuprofen, aleve, etc are for. I can take exedrin pm and that might help both. All her words. (I've read enough about ibuprofen and athletes I think I'll go easy there).

Thing is my cholesterol has been great. My blood pressure was 100/70 and HR was 74. So, I need to exercise more and eat less. So I will ride more and should be tired enough to sleep all night. If not, I'll squeeze in a power nap when necessary. 

Time to pack more boxes. I'm moving next Wednesday! So much to do, who has time to be depressed? So many good friends, what's there to be depressed about? Door and windows are open, birds are happy, rain was nice to walk in today. Music is blaring on the stereo.

peace everybody


03 April, 2011

Wind decides to show up in April?

So, I'm trying to focus on the training plan. I toyed with driving to Ohio to race this weekend, but I'm NOT fit enough. So, I rode all week. Trainer on rainy days, outside on dry days. Walking and strength. The plan calls for endurance miles and some focussed form and strength training right now. 

Tuesday, I rode with the new local women's team. Nice to meet some new ladies that like to ride bicycles. I almost froze my butt off! Hard to dress properly this time of year. Trying to get on the mtn bike when trails are good. It is April and there are showers forecast almost every other day. We are LUCKY the trails here drain well for the most part. 

I rode Chero/Seneca Thursday with a couple of ladies. I chased actually. We went over to No Net. I rode more than ever, but still pushed my bike too much and I took a small spill and have a trophy bruise on my forearm for it. Good thing they rode the whole thing and missed that part. ha ha ha 

Saturday was warm and windy. A STRONG lady cyclist joined me for a ride to the sunnyside of the Ohio River (Indiana). She's recently arrived in Louisville, is from the countryside of Kentucky. The ride over and to Utica was fairly decent and then I began suffering a bit on the little climb through the ammo plant property. We fought wind both ways. She was so patient with me on the way back. My legs couldn't seem to find a decent gear to push. I learned early on not to curse the wind. Each time I did, it just blew harder. Finally, I said thank you Mother Nature. It changed and changed direction to where I am not sure we had more than a couple of miles tail wind over 50 miles. I think crossing the 2nd street bridge scared her a bit. She and I both were blown around while coming back across to Kentucky over that thing. Thank Goodness there was slow traffic (maybe because of the circus) and the trek back we didn't have to deal with speeding cars and wind.

Today, I had made several sets of plans. They kept changing. That's cool, this is life. A whole slew of friends went to Versailles State Park in In. to ride trails. They are all strong and I decided to stay here and ride Waverly for the first time.
Backing up, during yesterday's ride my left hand went completely numb. At one point I could not shift up or down from big to small ring unless I used my left hand.  not good.  My feet went numb, too. So, after dinner I hit the bed by 10. My arm and hand and feet woke me up all night long. Got up before 8, fixed an egg burrito and tea with honey and took my meds (oh yeah I forgot to take those yesterday but once shouldn't have any affect). I took a nap on the couch and didn't wake up until 11. So much for joining the beginner ride at Waverly.

Anyhow, I rode part of Waverly. Just under 4 miles. It's open and flowy. I have no idea where I was exactly. I found a couple of downhills that I psyched myself out about and walked. My HR jumped on a couple of ascents. But one of those climbs I walked and then went back and rode it twice, just to prove to myself that I could do it. I would've done that on the descents too, if I'd been with  someone. Need to stop being such a scaredy cat. I finally found my way back to the parking lot. I'd been out there less than 50 minutes riding, but was wiped. The temps were quite warm and I was soaking wet. I need to get back out there on a day I'm feeling good and find some friends to go. Not to ride with, but to know if I don't come out. ha ha 

A good friend asked me to ride the park roads with her this afternoon. I was glad, because I needed the time in the saddle. We met up and started out. The wind was relentless. I saw it was averaging 23 mph while we were out there. Not sure of the gusts. I put the bike in my small ring and just tried to spin the crap out of my leg muscles. They still don't feel good. 

Oh yeah, you know how you have some milestones in life that you really look forward to? I've reached one of those. While it's natural and would be a relief, it's also a bit sad. Child bearing years are behind. What does this mean exactly? Skin loses more elasticity, other things begin to slow down. But it is important to focus on the positive. I rode 72 miles on bikes this weekend. It might not be as much as a lot of people I know that ride bikes. But it's more than I did for a long time before, when I was young.

I sincerely hope everyone is enjoying this springtime and all it has to offer. It'll get cold again and then warm back up. It's all good stuff. I promise.

peace to all