04 April, 2011

Annual physical

Great way to start the week! Forgot to fast, so have to do that tonight and have blood pulled tomorrow a.m. to check my thyroid levels. But she'll also check my sugar and other things too I'm sure. She did an x-ray today to check bone density. I weigh 10 lbs more than last March, crap! I told her about my insomnia and she says it's a sign of depression. Asks if I want a script for sleeping pills, but they are addictive. No, I don't want sleeping pills.  I tell her about  and show her my hands. She says it's osteo-arthritis, rusting of the joints (just like a car) with age. "Not that you are old" but it will only get more painful and that's what ibuprofen, aleve, etc are for. I can take exedrin pm and that might help both. All her words. (I've read enough about ibuprofen and athletes I think I'll go easy there).

Thing is my cholesterol has been great. My blood pressure was 100/70 and HR was 74. So, I need to exercise more and eat less. So I will ride more and should be tired enough to sleep all night. If not, I'll squeeze in a power nap when necessary. 

Time to pack more boxes. I'm moving next Wednesday! So much to do, who has time to be depressed? So many good friends, what's there to be depressed about? Door and windows are open, birds are happy, rain was nice to walk in today. Music is blaring on the stereo.

peace everybody


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