19 April, 2011


It seems like a very long time ago that I really felt at home. But today as I pulled into the garage and walked up the sidewalk through my backyard to the back door I was thinking "Home!". That is one of the best feelings I've had in quite sometime.

There's still much to do and right now it's all in a shambles. The grass keeps growing taller so tomorrow I must purchase grass cutting tools. I have some plants to put in pot and the ground. The next few weeks should keep me busy, definitely.

I rode the LBC ride tonight. It had been so long since I rode with a group of people I broke training. Hope coach is cool with that. I got dropped on Blankenbaker, but caught back up at the light on River Road. Riding down RR was interesting to say the least. So much yo-yoing going on. But I made it around Slugger field and back down RR almost to the bridge before I got dropped for good. 

I rode up to the house and just smiled. Wound up sitting on the glider on the front porch for a long time watching people walk their dogs or babies in strollers. Home

I must admit my favorite part of the new house is the whirlpool tub. I may go broke between the water bill and gas for the hot water heater. But a good hot soak before bed relaxes me so well. It's better than a sleeping pill!

peace everyone

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