30 May, 2013


a lot of stuff these last few days or more. I've put in for a week in July to race Nats. Not sure about racing anything right now. Brown County is one of my favorite races despite the 1 mile climb on the road to start. They've changed the course this year to include the new Green Valley trail. This should be even more fun than years past.

You can't call riding training when there is no consistency or all out efforts. I took Monday off since I had ridden Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Not wanting to aggravate the saddle issue. I rode Tuesday, but not nearly long enough or hard enough. All was fine. Went to work Wednesday and then the first Short Track of the year was Wednesday night. I am working registration. It's a great atmosphere and fun people to be around. Didn't get to race, just too crazy at reg and couldn't leave it. That's fine, a commitment is a commitment and I'm good with it. I won't be competitive, but would be a great hard workout. It's been a long time it seems since I've had one of those.

I did get to watch the last two races which is great! I got to cheer for lots of people, something I thoroughly enjoy. Beth had a great race as did Marge and Jenn along with Emily and Kate. Niki, KK and Kiersta were the podium. Those three are tough competitors! I watched a couple of guys race 2 races back to back. Have I mentioned most cyclists are crazy?!?  haha

So this stupid saddle issue pops up at home after short track. OUT OF THE BLUE! for no apparent reason. Today after work I kitted up and jumped on the bike, for about half a mile. No way I could sit and ride. So came home, changed clothes and went for a hike/run. At least I burned a few calories. My weight is fluctuating crazily due to inconsistent training. I gotta figure this out. Go back and look at my diet. Maybe start checking Ph levels on regular basis. blegh

I've about decided to get a SS hard tail. Problem is the one I can afford is fully rigid. Need to figure out what to do with front suspension and make sure standover height will work. Also, going to sell my AnthemX2. Anyone know someone wanting a nice full suspension bike? :-)

I think summer has arrived. mid to upper 80s so far this week and humidity is climbing as well. Love it except for the hot bedroom at night. Thank goodness life isn't perfect. It would be so boring if it was!


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