13 July, 2008

Geez, it's been over a week

since I've posted anything. Not exactly sure why that is. Had a nice vacation at home. Didn't do much of anything except: sleep, eat, ride, saw a movie. I must assume that I was very behind on sleep, because I slept quite a lot. Next was riding. I've averaged over 100 miles each of the last 3 weeks now.

The two people that quit smoking with me last summer have "fallen off the wagon". But I can't. So I ask them to let me know when they go down for a smoke break and I'll grab a cup of coffee. I don't want to loose track of these guys, they are my buddies!

I've decided to back off of the urban rides this week and go rural. Did 31.5 miles under 2 hours (5 minutes under) on Thursday from Sawyer Park to Crestwood thru Sleepy Hollow. I just get slower and slower the closer to the top I get. Dixie was a sweetheart and stayed with me. Coached me up and down the hills and on the flats, which weren't often. Rode 41.5 yesterday. The RC from the first ride I rode with LBC put on a barbeque ride with a 15 and 40 mile option. I just keep adding roads to this list of hills I don't care for. ;-) What I need is to find more, ride them and add them to my list.

I've watched several stages of the Tour de France. Those guys are machines out there! Gawd, I'd love to ride that fast and that efficiently up mountains. Dreams, but what dreams.

I've been reminiscing a bit over the last day or so. Tony Snow died. He was one of my favourites. Good person, always calm, always courteous. Sad to see the good ones leave us.


maggie's mind said...

I'm bummed to hear that your quit buddies are smoking again, but it is pretty common and all the more reason to keep staying tough.

I'm borrowing a friend's bike and thought of you when I was about dying going up the slightest incline. Clearly my little walking and whatnot wasn't working the same muscles or doing much for my lungs. Crazy. Still, it's cheaper than driving, and I am enjoying it, even if it's just for transportation and not really training.

Sherri said...

You are using different muscles, Maggie. Enjoyment and having fun are what it's all about. As long as you are moving and breathing your lungs will get better. Walk, Ride, Breathe, and most of all have FUN!