07 October, 2009

Vacation day!

What a beautiful day Mother Nature handed us! I set the alarm for 5:15 and had a nice leisurely morning until about 7:30 when I realised how late it was. I had to put the rack on the car, pack my gear, get dressed, load the bike and pack the car. Got my HR going by running up and down the stairs 4 times.

Arrive at the ride start about 8:45. First decision, how much and what to wear since the temp was 52 and windy. So glad I opted for arm and leg warmers with the wind vest and new LTP cap. We had about 15 show up for this ride. Great group of people, most I already knew. They kept saying we'd have a relaxed pace. So I laid in behind the front 4 or 5. I'm still trying to understand who's definition of "relaxed pace" we were going by. :-)

We travelled through countryside with the sun shining all around. Mallards and geese are migrating. Vultures were out in force. There were a few dogs, most behind fences. Early on someone said, "is that thunder?" I responded that it was Fort Knox soldiers on maneuvers, shooting their big guns.

It was a great 50 mile ride to Bernheim Forest with good people. We stopped for lunch at the Country Cupboard in Shepherdsville and had a nice home-cooked meal.

My butt muscles are tender and that feels great! My shoulders are tired and sore, but who cares after a day like today. When I got home, I was a whooped puppy. I laid my body down and took a nice nap. And after the nap I had a long hot bath. Boy I miss that whirlpool tub with jets.

My oldest and her hubby came to dinner. It was so nice to cook for someone again. Fresh brussel sprouts with butter sauce and steamed asparagus with raspberry vinagrette along with salmon. yum!

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