05 October, 2009

Tour de Louisville

Yesterday was my first experience at watching a real cyclocross race. What adrenaline and effort, lung-busting someone called it. Plenty of my team mates were coughing for some time following their respective races.

Liz and I rode out to the venue. Early Sunday morning, we felt traffic would be acceptable and took Taylorsville Rd from one end all the way past Gene Snyder to New Hopewell. It was a refreshing 17 mile ride and relatively little trafffic. We arrived in plenty of time to see the first race at 10:30 and watched until about 2:00. Five Rogue women raced yesterday as did five Rogue men. Nice to see our team be so competitive! There was steep competition in all categories. We missed Oli's Women's 1/2/3 race unfortunately.

The ride back was made up of more back roads, some of which is part of the Old Kentucky Home Tour route back from Bardstown. Nice to have the Dan Henry's show us the way! Then we took a familiar club ride route from Tom Sawyer park to what we wanted to be River Road and points west. We did that eventually, after your's truly makes a right turn onto Wolf Pen Branch and adds several miles and a number of tough hills. OUCH! I apologized several times to Liz, so nice that she is good-natured and a seasoned cyclist. I'm still "getting my legs back", really more aerobic fitness. I won't complain much about the added miles and hills, as that was a good test. The main problem I had with the ride was the pack I carried on my back. Instead of wide backpac straps, it just has strings. I carried a second kit and pair of jeans and shoes out to the race. I carried my jacket, leggings, long-sleeved jersey, cap, gloves, etc on the way back. The return home was 32.5 miles.

My shoulder (with plate and screws) was getting more and more tender as I got closer and closer to home. This morning both arms, elbows, shoulders and neck muscles were talking to me. Longest mileage yet, 50 yesterday. I have so much work to do to get where I want to be!

There was a dinner party for the team and several friends of Rogue last evening. Delicious food, great company and tasty beerverages were in abundance!

It's time to take a hard look at the budget and see if I can find funds for a coach. If funds aren't there I'll have to get creative in getting and keeping my motivation. Looking at goals for next year. 1) get past my fear of going downhill fast 2) participate and finish in as many of the Spring Series as is practical 3) Improve my performance at Master's Natz over 2009. If I don't get #1, might as well forget 2 and 3.

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