27 September, 2009

Slow Progress

for both running and riding. Went out to run this morning and just couldn't keep the HR to a decent level. Spent most of the time, even walking time, trying to relax my breathing. See how tomorrow goes. I've got to get 3 good runs in this week and then go longer this weekend.

Rode club ride this afternoon. Spent all the way til Ledges solo and the group passed me. Caught them at Lexington and Grinstead and thought I'd hang for a bit. There were a couple of squirrely dudes out there, passing on the right, not holding their line. I backed off. Joe found my wheel and we went down Lexington. I wasn't in the mood for all the traffic lights today. Stop and go gets annoying. He and I took turns pulling all the way down River Road. Was a very windy day. The racers caught us just before the curve in advance of Glenview. Kept them in sight til the first incline.

It was nice to do 20 and 21 mph again. It felt good hitting 23/24 a few times, too. I must get past being nervous in a group. If I know the riders, I'm good for the most part. Time to stop making excuses or change my goals.

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