19 September, 2009

Out of my mind

is where we should spend most of our time according to the book I'm reading. Makes sense. I think too much, then muck everything up real well.

Rode the longest ride since my crash this morning, approx 36 or 37 miles. I took off on the front and hung til 6th, then backed off. I rode solo the majority of the ride. Jumped on one wheel for a few, but just wasn't comfy as I didn't know the person. I'd find a sweet spot and hit 20mph on occasion. Mostly, I stayed more like 16 or 17 and then once I got back to UofL after Iroquois, I was under 15mph. My shoulders really started to fatigue about mile 22 and went downhill from there. By the time I got to Zorn I was in tears because my shoulders ached so badly.

Tomorrow is my first cyclo cross race and I'll be cheering with cowbell. Lot's of people to cheer on, too.

I was ready for bed at 8:30, it's 9 and think I'll head that way. Days are growing short, I worked harder today than I have in a while.

ps I've slept all night with no wakeups or potty breaks two nights in a row. I wonder why? liquid minerals maybe? hope whatever I'm doing, I keep doing ;-)

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