17 September, 2009

Pulmonary specialist

I really like this doc. I've been seeing him for several years now. Asthma is a nasty condition and I aggravated it terribly by smoking tobacco for too many years.

When I had my bike crash the x-ray tech (or maybe radiologist whoever reads this stuff) made a note on my chart and the ER doc called to tell me they noticed an enlarged nodule in my upper right lung. I finally called the pulmonary specialist to get an appt for my annual and mentioned to his PA what happened. The following week they called and moved my appt up a month. I went for my annual check-up and Doc ordered a CT scan w/out contrast. He couldn't use the one from the Ortho surgeon because it had contrast and showed bones only. ;-)

I had the CT on Monday after work. I missed a call from the doc today, he left a message to call with no info. I immediately called back and then called twice more through the afternoon. The last time was right before 5, he had left for the day and forgot to call me. Talk about being annoyed and I said that wasn't very thoughtful. They had his PA call me back. She said that the CT showed an enlarged nodule and that it has smooth edges. Normally they will follow it for 2 years with another CT in 6 months. Good, I think. I started asking questions, like do I need antibiotics, etc. She then said that she will have the doc call me tomorrow.

I'm thinking this is nothing. Now that she called me back that is. She said if the nodule had raged or spikey edges it would be a different story. I didn't ask what that would entail since it's not the case.

I smoked tobacco for 35 years. I know I damaged my body. I know the risk involved here. One day at a time is how I have to approach this, as this is how I have to approach all aspects of my life right now.

One of my first thoughts was how would I deal with something major like that being on my own. But I'm not on my own. I have a wonderful family and many good friends. I also have me and I am a strong person.

This has been a long, tiring week. This has been a year full of many life changes. What a wonderful adventure life is. Tomorrow is a new day and the sun will rise and shine on someone somewhere.

peace to all of you and yours

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