04 September, 2009

Back in the saddle today

Thank goodness! What an ordeal. The work day ended at 1:00 pm, one of the nice benefits from my employer, half day before long holiday weekend. Since I had Physical Therapy this morning, and worked a while to make up, I got a later start than intended. Prep time doubled! Get on the kit, sunscreen, water bottles, load the pockets. Then there's airing up the tires. OMGoodness, when the tire pressure reached 80 lbs I could really feel it in my shoulder. Slow and easy is my new mantra for now.

Next, carry the bike down 2 flights. decided to push it down on the rear wheel with top tube perpendicular to the floor. I have some upper body work to focus on next!!! Jumped in the saddle, clipped in, and felt like jello. The torso, bike, and legs all felt wobbly. Decided to ride down Frankfort to Cannon's. That worked well. Today was a small chain day. Just spin. Did a loop and a half around the ball fields at Seneca, out and around and through the neighborhood. First time out Pee Wee Reese a dooley pickup buzzed me and I yelled WTF! I was not happy, but once I turned onto Seneca Park Rd, decided not to waste energy on anger. Rode that twice. 40 minutes of riding and decided to find a park bench. Had 45 minutes til brew ride start, PERFECT! Did a full loop through Cherokee. It was fun.

I was SO ready for a brewsky. We rode to Cycler's and uncapped a bottle or three. Good times and I met a new cyclist Sam. Riding home was ok, but very slow up Grinstead.

I'm tired. Very tired. Guess I'll hit the pillow and dream about tomorrow's ride. Need to squeeze in a run, too. Guess that will be later in the day.

ps. went to the lung doc yesterday - can stop the advair! finally dropped below 140 since I can't remember when, last decade most likely. smiling here

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