12 September, 2009

12 September 2009

started at 5:40am but then punched snooze twice. Beautiful day by Mother Nature. She smiled and smiled on us today.

I drove to my old stomping grounds this morning and volunteered at SAG #2 for the Old Kentucky Home Tour. It was across the street from the Country Pantry, less than a mile from my house. Great turnout and we only ran out of GORP in the last 40 minutes (give or take). This is such a good opportunity to greet cyclists out for a weekend of fun. Everyone is always so appreciative. It was unfortunate that one gentleman went down right before our SAG and appeared to have broken his collarbone. (most cyclists I know have done this).

Went to my old house and took some tax reciepts to Terry. To the door, exchanged a few pleasantries, Bastian came out, wanted me to pet him and went back inside. I took off.

Went to Mom's. We had a nice visit. Her pc was messed up. When I turned it on there was a message box stating it needed to restore. FUN TIMES. Actually, it self repaired and she was a happy camper.

Came home, cleaned house, and took a nap. Went for an easy hour ride through the park with David. Met at Big Rock and just rode slow and easy. I was more fatigued than I realised. And with allergies kicking butt, the benadryl was dehydrating me.

Tonight's ride was like when I first began. Tight shoulders, tension in the neck, shoulder blades felt like a knife was between them. Legs feel great. HR and breathing suck big wind. Guess this is one more lesson in patience. No more taking 3 days in a row off the bike without legitimate reason (well I guess work is legitimate).

Will run and ride tomorrow. I'm very tired and it's not even 9:30. Rebuild stamina, endurance, heart rate and breathing. One day at a time.

Time to close another door. Really don't want to. Out of my control.

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