05 September, 2009

Labor day weekend

is the last long weekend of summer. I will not say I missed the last 7 weeks, because I lived them and walked them and enjoyed the mild weather Mother Nature blessed us with. I'm back on my bike and I am happy on so many levels. Now is when the real work and discipline comes in to play. I need to start running and making time for running. Which means I need to pick days for that training. Yeah, we'll see how that goes!

I intended to do a Tai Chi class this morning, but was resting so well I stayed in bed. Got up just in time to eat, and get ready to ride. Prep time needs attention! airing up the tires was a new experience with the shoulder. Took off about 8:45 and rode to the yellow lot. I started out in front, because I just didn't want to be taking any chances with people I hadn't ridden with. There was one guy that made me a little nervous, but he sped off to the very front quickly enough and then a traffic light separated us. Those do come in handy for such occasions.

My legs felt great. I stayed in the small chain ring. Still not ready to mash yet. On the way back Bank Street I missed clipping in at a light and came down on the saddle an moved it where the nose pointed to the ground. I'd already decided to not go to Iroquois as my shoulder was getting very tired. I stopped and adjusted the saddle (too far to the opposite direction!) and headed home. I was able to put it on my right shoulder with no trouble.

I can't wait to ride tomorrow. I know I won't keep up with the group, but that's not the point of riding. I'll start and chat and they will go on. Life is good when I can ride my bike. :-)

Oh, funny how much advice I've gotten. And please understand I appreciate the concern as it's a form of love. Some saying I should've worked more often on the trainer while off. Other's saying it's too soon to get back in the saddle. And everything in between!

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