06 September, 2009

Twice in one day

RRP put together a nice 3 hour ride this morning. I joined for the first miles. It had rained most of the night or seemed that way each time I stirred. Third ride in 3 days. As I rode to the ride start and consciously stayed off the painted lines on the road I could already feel minor fatigue in my upper arms. Stupid allergies don't help either.

We met at Heine at 8:30 and rode up Grinstead on our way to Zorn and then River Rd. There were 5 of us and another joined around Indian Hills if memory serves. Once we got to Glenview they really picked up the pace and by Captain's Quarters I dropped back. Told 'em not to worry if I dropped off. Thought I'd go up Wolf Pen and turn around. Yeah well, started up Wolf Pen and decided it wasn't worth it, maybe next week. Rode home, took Mockingbird, had a toasted peanut butter sandwich, took a sponge bath and then a nice nap.

About 1:00 I decided to do the Heine Bro ride. Caught my second wind. I started thinking I'd just hang back. But as we chatted and waited in the parking lot and I sized up all the riders I thought best to start out at the front. I've ridden with most of these guys and they are steady. Hung through the park and out onto Lexington, but let them go and I took Spring solo. Didn't need to go downtown. Decided to take Mockingbird again as I needed to be somewhere by 3:30 ish.

My legs are happy. My shoulder is okay. Glad it's still numb to the touch. The scar is more red than it was. But not inflammed or anything. Worst part of riding is carrying the bike up and down the stairs. Second is about 45 minutes in both shoulders and neck get tired. That will improve with time and more miles.

I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike. Freddy Mercury sang it well.

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