11 October, 2009

Finally a week with some mileage

I need to go back to my FlightDeck and see if I can browse through the days as I've not updated my spreadsheet since before the crash. It has a huge hole of nothingness.

Struggling to remember when/what I rode this week. I'm thinking I did an abbreviated Sunday ride on the 4th (20ish) and then the recovery ride on Monday (12), nothing Tuesday. Then along came Wednesday with 50.7 over 3:30 ride time. Nothing Thursday or Friday, I could've squoze (is that right?) one in between the rain maybe.

Saturday was Tim's show and go ride for pancakes to the Chat N Nibble in Eminence, KY. 56 miles on a cool and overcast day. The sun did come out for the last 10 miles which was welcome and a nice way to wrap up the ride. Ride time was 3:15 and I am looking back with a smile. My front derailleur would not let me down shift to my small chain ring about 10-15 miles into the ride. I pulled a few rollers in my big ring and finally just stopped the bike. Manually put it in my small ring and restarted. Nice that Rick and Kelly stopped with me. We got to the restaurant after everyone else. Tim said we weren't too far behind. I was soaked with sweat and pulled off my arm warmers and vest and unzipped my jersey halfway. I had on a light base layer so was covered. I couldn't imagine having pancake sit on my belly for the 28 miles back, so opted for OJ and coffee with my trail mix of raisins, cranberries and walnuts.

Went to the Twinspires inaugural team party last night. Still not sure why I got the invite, but had a blast. Jon made some wicked chili and Sara made this vegetable salad with sweet potatoes and corn that was delish! YUMMY! I hadn't eaten much after the ride, just a banana and few crackers with peanut butter.

Today's ride was 22 miles. I got to Lexington with the front pack and was feeling fairly good. Then this guy, Charlie, winds up in front of me. He can't hold a line at all and is always passing on the right. I dropped back and took Spring. Didn't feel like doing all those traffic lights so I rode the balance solo. Wind on River Road kept changing direction. My legs were heavy from yesterday's ride. I'm really tired now. But it's a good tired.

Just waiting for B and M to call. Team mates needed a ride to Cincy so I lent them my car. They raced CX and did very well I understand. Good for them!!!

Going to make this peach cobbler tonight if I have to stay up late to do it. I've been talking about it since Thursday. :-)

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