16 October, 2009

Roller adventures - part 1

Oli has been kind and let me borrow her spare cx bike and most recently her rollers. Rollers are used for indoor workouts, much like trainers. However on a trainer your bike is fixed in place. The bike is free flowing on rollers. There are 3 cylinders which are 18" - 24" long. They are placed onto a frame, spaced so the rear wheel fits between two and the front wheel sits on top of a single cylinder.

So, I get these home and after work Thursday decide to give them a ride. Get on my gear, setup a kitchen chair to balance on, set the rollers in the hallway so I can have a hand on a wall. Trying to cover the bases 'cause I don't want anymore broken bones. I get on the bike, clip in one foot and just spin the rear wheel for 1/4 rotation. This was hard and the front wheel kept going to the left. I worried it would ride right off of the cylinder. After about 10 minutes, I gave up and setup the trainer for an hour workout.

Halfway through the trainer, I'm looking at the rollers in the hallway and I have this "light bulb" Good Grief Sherri Jane! I had the bike on the rollers backwards. The rear wheel was on the single cylinder and the front wheel was between the two. geez louise

So, at the end of my workout I put the bike back on the rollers the correct way and get on. So much better when your setup correctly! It's still not an easy thing to do. This is going to take me awhile to do without holding the wall or chair. Hope to try it again soon.

My energy level has dropped considerably these last two weeks. I've put on weight, and want to sleep and eat and not much else. I gotta get out of this funk! Off to Radio Shack to see if I can get what I need to hook up the TV, Cable box, Receiver and DVD so they will work along with the surround sound system. hmm another adventure!

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