01 November, 2009

Long weekend again

So, I worried about Friday as the forecast called for rain all day. It rained Thursday, so I rode the trainer after work. Then Friday morning the rain ended early and moved on out, so I posted I was going to ride on FB any takers? VP called and said she and C were riding. We met up and rode to Iroquois, did the hill and went around the park and repeated the hill before heading home. Beautiful weather with leaves raining all around us. It was 70F f*ing degrees on Oct 30th.

I also bought tickets to a concert on a last minute whim. Went to see the Avett Brothers. Thing is, I called and emailed and posted to try and take someone. No takers so I went solo. Need to get used to this solo stuff and try to enjoy it. Not so easy for me. Learning, slowly.

Saturday was much cooler, it rained Friday evening late and into early Sat morning but ended around sun up. I knew I wanted to ride, but slept in and missed the Halloweenie ride in Indiana. Again I posted that I was riding for undetermined time to destinations unknown. VP and P were leaving for a ride, but too soon for me to join. So I took off solo and wandered a bit, headed downtown and found a headwind. Turned south and found an even stronger headwind. I think it was following me head on! :) Wound up dropping in on a friend at work for a short chat. Then on my way home ran into 5 peeps and joined their ride to Shawnee. Got in 33+ miles and it was so good riding with others instead of solo.

Halloween was another first, walked down Hillcrest and attended to Open House/parties solo. Oh my, the food was great and saw some creative costumes. One girl was Archeologist Barbie and a fellow came in as Liberace in a green tux with his own candlabra! funny

Today was cyclocross at Gun Club in Cincy. Wow what a beautiful day of sunshine. I drove, took a team mate along and cheered all day. VP came in first in Women's cat 3, ShamWow got 5th in cat 4, Segal came in 17 in Masters 35+ and B2 brought in 10 for Masters 45+ FUN Times, I love these people. All of them are very special. You'll have to check out the race report on Lovethepain.net as I only cheered, others did the hard work racing.

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