21 November, 2009

The 4 Bs

Bikes, Bells, Beers, and Boys - not necessarily in that order

So, I borrowed the cross bike from DR's wife last weekend. I've been on it 3 or 4 times. Segal was kind enough to offer some guidance in drillz and skillz. He met me on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday we started with an "easy warm-up" lap. Okay, easy for him but took all I had to stay on his wheel and lost it a few times. Was good though. Told me how to gear, stay in drop, keep eyes on destination. I love the sand, even if I fall down.

Next was mount/dismount. Still having issues getting clipped in my shoes. Seems about the time I get in, it's time to dismount. I fell once trying to get back on the bike. Rammed my leg under the saddle instead of over and had my bodyweight committed to being over the bike. crunch! I laughed and laughed. Got back up and did some more. Then we went back on the course and did the barriers a few times. Segal showed me where to grab the bike to get it high enough to clear the ones @ RRCC. They are taller than most. Then we practiced the stair run-ups. forty minutes and I was wiped out.

Friday, I arrived before he did. I did a warm-up lap, to the best my memory allowed. I then went to mount/dismount practice. Still have issues clipping in. Took another spill. Segal had pulled in and saw me go down. Funny! We did a lap and I told him to go on. I was already winded. I did a couple of barriers and stairs and went for water. Next time I need to have air or a pump. That way I can ride on lower pressure which should help out a lot in cornering, etc. Just need to air them back up so I can ride home comfortably.

Today was race day #1 in Indianapolis. We couldn't stay for the women's race, 2 Rogues represented but I've not heard results. The 2 Brian's raced today and I rode with them. Not as good results as last week, it was a tough course and large field. But still respectable. Tomorrow we go back with a larger men's contingent.

My ass hurts! All this cross practice I must be using new muscles. When I got home today I jumped on the bike and rode for an hour and a half. Was good til I flatted about 4 blocks from home. No worries. The weather has been fantastic, so just pushed the bike home and enjoyed the walk.

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