14 November, 2009

stupid asthma

came back, WTF Had an episode Thursday after the trainer. Then on Friday went for an hour + ride before sunset and it hit me 10 minutes into the ride. Took me 45 minutes to ride 10 miles. My inhalers are almost spent and can't refill before Dec 3. Hate this shit! Going back to the Advair once a day for now, see if that helps.

Went to see egret at the Swan Dive last night. Another solo date night. Music was good, at least first and last acts. Drank too much and didn't get to bed til almost two am. I am so out of shape for late night fun. I slept in way late. Spent an extraordinary day off the bike.

Going to bed now. Getting up at 4 to catch a 5 am ride to Columbus with team mates. They are racing and I am cheering

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