18 November, 2009

Quick, short trip to RRCC tonight.

Mostly just wanted to test pedals and feel the bike out. Pedals are definitely different, but not in a bad way. Still having issues getting clipped in on my left foot for some reason. By the time I got to the course it was 4:30 and everyone was on the course, except Catherine. She looks to be about 11. She asked to tagalong with me. Ha! I said it'd be best for me to tagalong with her, 'cause I don't know the course. She said only the fast kids showed up tonight and she's too slow to keep up with them. Yeah, well this old lady had all she wanted and more trying to hang with Catherine. We did the "regular loop". It was a little soggy and muddy. Nothing like getting mud spattered all over and sprayed in your face.

I have so much fitness to gain if I want to do this right. I started wheezing, but not horribly, once I got home. Since my asthma kicked in last week I started back on the Advair. I wonder if I'd have it if I'd never smoked. Doesn't matter really, I have it and I smoked for too long.

As daylight dwindled and people gathered to leave, Luke Haley asked me if I was at Columbus on Sunday. He said, "I heard you cheering for me, but didn't know who you were". So, I introduced myself and said he'll probably hear me yelling his name for some time to come. Nice young man that Luke. Those RedZone kids are great people.

So, I send this email to the Rogue crossers. They are trying to get me to race this weekend. LOL I told them I have no skills. I've never jumped a barrier and done any technical sharp turns. I can see myself talking down rows of tape or worse. That would be no way to represent the team! Give me the next two weeks. See if I can make time working on drills and skills. Then I'll DFL at STG.

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