04 November, 2009

Budgets, planning, research

So it can be an expensive sport/hobby/interest. Cycling that is. And I've been pondering if I should: hire a coach, upgrade my road bike, buy a cross bike, put power on my current road bike, upgrade my HR monitor as it needs work since my crash and lost the sensor.

Can't afford a coach for now, that's a monthly payment I'm not willing to make. yet So, I've been reading and learning and now trying to put together a training plan for 2010, that should have started on Monday. Building the spreadsheet and a friend or two said they'd look it over for me.

Cross bike - should I wait til season is over and find something used? There's a deal on a new 09, at least I think it's a deal.

So I emailed a friend about all this research and learning and wonder if at the end all of this is too much for me to afford. They said, "quit now!" boy that was helpful NOT.

Maybe I should go ahead and borrow some $$, but I don't want to. Wishy Washy much? yes - and think too much and and and and and

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