05 November, 2009

Limited mostly by myself

There is so much more I could be doing. Trying to figure out what the next things should be.

Today, I finally "got it" on the rollers. I've been on them about 3 times before and never got past the fear of falling. So before today the entire time I was expending energy holding onto the chair and the wall. Those suckers are all slippery! Not really, but closest adjective I can find.
I got home from work and was getting ready for a club ride, when I realised I missed it. Ditz, had the wrong time. As I readied to get on the trainer I was thinking about it being time to give the rollers back to their owner. I looked over at them and thought, "I can do this".

I got all my stuff; phone book and wood block to stand on, towel for the sweat, fan, kitchen chair. The hardest part was getting my second hand on the bars. First couple of times I used my shoulder (newly fixed one) to steady against the wall. I knew I had to get my cadence up, but my gait was so uneven! Finally after about 5-8 minutes I achieved a good cadence, but still didn't feel in control. I remembered a previous conversation and shifted to my big chain ring and moved into my 15. control! I reached a good cadence and was drenched! I stopped and opened windows for a cross breeze. The last 10 minutes was fun. I just watched the odometer and listened to World Cafe' and focussed on the window.

I have a long way to go before roller races (if they happen). But I know I can do it now. Crazy; start riding a bike (again) at 49, first race at 50, first broken bones at 51. If I can do this, anyone can. All it takes is setting a bar and working to attain it.

The thing is there are more things I can do with my time. I just need to get better organized and decide what those things should be. hmm

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