02 January, 2008

Hello 2008

Well here we are and I can say that it's nice waking up to a New Year and not smelling like stale cigarettes and not having a stinking hang-over, because I smoked 2 packs of cigs in 4 hours of drinking.

We did manage to stay up past midnight. LOL You never know about us ole folks these days. New Year's Day was cold and blustery and it snowed. But the wind blew so much there was no snow to stick around anywhere. I rode my bike on the trainer for a full hour. Felt great when I finished.

Went back to work today. That was a good thing. I needed to get back to a routine. Put another 55 minutes on the trainer when I wrapped up my work. Next week will be better, harder, but better. This month is going to be crazy full of work stuff, too.

It was 11F this morning and the wind-chill was below zero! Never got past 20, I don't think. I hate it when it gets in the single digits. It stings and burns. Get this, it will be 68F on Monday. Nuts!

I'm thrilled 'cause now I can get my 5K workouts in over the weekend and should be able to next week as well. If it stays dry, maybe I can get back on the open road with the bike too.

I had lunch with one of my best girl friends today. We've hardly seen each other recently. She's been travelling like crazy all year with her job and took the last 3 weeks of the year for vacation. First thing she said to me was that I was skinny! I said, "Thank you for that". I'm not skinny, but compared to what I was in the summer I much slimmer. I love good friends that say sweet things.

I have a suspicion that 2008 is gonna be killer - in a tremendously good way. Now wouldn't that be just lovely?


Mz Diva said...

Have a killer 2008! You are rocking big time! A non-smoker AND an exerciser? Impressive! I go back to work on Monday! I am going to start my full-on eating program but right now I am cutting back on the junk and trying to exercise daily. I am house sitting and am off to go grade some papers!

Chantix Believer said...

After I ordered Chantix, after using it the first week, the urge to smoke was cut down dramatically and I was completely smoke free after only 1 month! Without Chantix, I don't know if I ever could have Quit Smoking!