10 January, 2008

Funny how you have good days and bad days

This happens in all aspects of life, whether it's work, family, friends, etc.

There have been several times I've ridden my bike or gone out for a run and been very disappointed with my performance. I hadn't ridden my bike since Monday. I was jonesin' to get back on it today, so I made a point to leave work by 4 ish. Well darn - there was a wreck and it took me 1:10 to get home. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, but my Cards were playing at 7:00!

I get in and changed, do all the routine stuff you have to do when you get in and started some meat defrosting in the microwave for burrito dinners. I finally get on the bike about 5:45. I look at the workout and start. I was amazed at how good I felt during the warmup. I kept checking my trainer, where my gears were set, all was where it should've been. I was warming up at 95 + rpm! Up until now I've been doing good to warmup at 80-85. The workout was a good one and felt great the first 40+ minutes. Most of the workout was moving through gears at 100 rpm. I was doing most of it between 105 and 110 RPM. I was looking at the last part which was a 16T gear doing 45 off/15 on for 8 minutes. I kept telling myself, "you need to get dinner, just skip this part, it won't hurt anything, blah blah blah". I thought, nah I'll go ahead a do a couple of minutes then cool down. I did the full routine. It felt so good! Now, this is indoors not outside so it's a lot easier than outside.

Needless to say I was still cooking dinner during Tip-off. Hey, that's okay. I can watch and cook. My legs are still warm and tingly. I love this feeling! AND my Cards are up by 21 with 3:50 left in the game. Nice Thursday for Sherri.

Temps are dropping back to 40s and 30s for a while. I have to find a way to start week #3 of my 5k training! I'm hoping the dust mask will work for me this weekend. I really want to run this race come March. Where there's a will...

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maggie's mind said...

Sounds like an excellent night! I love it when stuff is just good ;)