31 January, 2008

Big year ahead

Oh my - i am heading into this 4+ month sprint to my birthday. I have relished every single one I've had so far. I never thought I would have any problems with any of them. Maybe I won't this one either, by the time it gets here.

I'm trying very hard to push away negative thoughts. I need optimism. I've been contemplating my last few professional years. They've been interesting. There's been tons of change. Some have been wonderful for me. Some not so much. I need to change it again. I'm just not sure anything I do will get me to where I'd truly like to be.

I've spent time looking back, reminiscing. I can't say I'd change any decision I've made to date. So I am looking forward to the next change being in my control, or at least more in my control.

Looking forward to this birthday isn't just about professional accomplishments. There is the whole reflection on what I've accomplished in this life in general. I've had a bucket list for a while. I need to add to it though. Most of what's left are travel destinations. I think there are some more ways I want to give of myself. I'll be thinking about what really gets me excited and puts a big smile on my face. Then determine what it is I can do to keep those emotions in the forefront.

I had better get busy! January is already gone...

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