02 February, 2008

Sadness in endings

I find that I am sad when most things come to an end. It may not be more than a tinge of sadness in some cases. Events that are planned in advance, the anticipation, the participation and then it's behind you leaving good memories if we are lucky. I look forward to our annual retreat for work. It's a full day off site of team building, etc. It was yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot! People come in from out of town. It's good to see everyone network, etc. Sad to see them go home though.

My daughter's cat died yesterday. She's always been sickly. She got really sick right before the wedding in September. It's difficult to lose a pet. Since they live in an apartment they brought her out to my house for burial. I am sad for her. She has another cat, but she's had Ally for more than 5 years.

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maggie's mind said...

Aw, losing a pet is such a sad, sad thing. Hugs to you and your daughter both!