13 February, 2008

Perseverance - let's hope it pays off!

Of course it will! I hope it will. It had better! LOL :-)

Yesterday's ride was mediocre at best - and I whined and whimpered through it. For some reason my knee/thigh area screamed. Today was different. I went back to workout #16 and aside from a couple of minor adjustments (have a different cassette than workout specifies) I completed it. I have to admit I stopped a couple of time as I was trying very hard to maintain 100RPM in places which made my heart race. However, I stopped the clock when I stopped and made sure I rode the entire 60 minutes.

Now to eat a big dinner and make sure and get a good breakfast and lunch tomorrow along with at least 6 hours of sleep tonight. Going back to the Trainer Tour tomorrow night (yes I know it's Valentine's Day). They are supposed to be holding a Boxer Shorts contest which I'm sure will be hilarious. Worn outside the bike shorts, thank you. I don't own any boxers, :-( I guess I could borrow some from hubby.

I was worried after last night's workout being so bad that I would have a bad night like that at the Tour. But you know, everyone has a bad workout on occassion. I'm not above it. And even though I am vain, I am not terribly concerned about being embarrassed. Besides, that should be a motivating factor. Keep my legs to the pedals and push!

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