18 February, 2008

No more whining - at least for now

So I missed a warm day to experience some fitness in the out of doors. The temps were in the 60s, yes it rained, but I don't worry about getting wet when it's that warm. The bigger issue, as far as riding the bike, would've been the wind. It was blowing wild - 25 MPH with gusts above 35. I don't think I would even attempt riding the bike in that kind of wind. At least not yet.

So, I looked around online and then emailed a bud about continuing with the programme while under the weather. I know better than to do anything if I have a fever. Most advice is just common sense. Don't if you don't feel good. Go easy if you are up to it. I got up this morning all clogged and took another dose of meds. Then decided to see how it felt just to spin. I wound up putting 60 on the trainer. Nice and easy. Kept the gears on 42/21 or 42/19 most of the time, though I did jump to 52/23 for a few minutes in the middle. I kept my cadence between 75 and 85 RPM. So I had a nice sweat going, but I didn't escalate my heart rate much at all. These legs are happy with me again!

I've been stuck in the house all weekend and am ready to break free! Going to a concert tonight. Should be interesting, Chick Corea and Bela Fleck. Another interesting thing, I won't be running outdoors to catch a smoke! I'm excited to see this concert. I've followed Chick Corea for a couple of decades and loved when he formed "Return to Forever" with Stanely Clarke and Al DiMeola.

Tomorrow morning will be decision time for me. Whether or not to take my bike and try the Trainer Tour after work tomorrow night. I'm thinking, even if I'm not up to doing the workout at 100%, just being there would be inspiration to keep going. This would mean missing a dinner with colleagues though.

Well, I know that I should continue to spin if I feel up to it. No matter if it's in my basement, outside, or with the Trainer Tour. I want to build this base and start to get stronger and stronger. The weather is going to start improving with each week from here on into the spring. I am ready to try and hit some more hills and add some length to what I've been doing. Less than 2 weeks to the 5K and I'm going to be in such misery 'cause I'm not ready. Oh well, I'm still gonna do what I can with it.

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