16 February, 2008

Stupid virus

Well, I took Friday night off. Rationalised that I hadn't taken a day since 2 February. Dumb ole Sherri. This cold has been trying to grab hold for a couple of days. Got out of bed Friday and the entire right side of my head was clogged up. Pressure in my sinuses and right ear. Thank goodness for antihistamines. Kept me dried up most of the day and evening.Took my vitamins and had a good meal and turned in about midnight.

Got up this morning, same thing. Took another antihistamine which kept me dry for a few hours at a time. I wanted to get out and run since it got up into the 40s. Wish I had now. I did get in 60 on the trainer. Nothing difficult, but switched from 52T/19 to 42T/15 most of the routine while maintaining 95 RPM. Had to stop about 25 minutes in and catch my breath. I had read somewhere that you can continue to workout as long as you aren't running a fever. I wasn't.

I am now. Feel like crap, When I cough, my lungs burn and I think I've strained a muscle around my ribs. I'm down to one antihistamine, but I found the robitussin. Now to sleep sittin up all night on the couch.

No comedy club for Sherri tonight. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Feeling better I hope.

Sorry for the whining. I hate being sick, especially when it gets in my lungs. That's what I get for saying something about it. Damned Murphy must've heard me.

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cycledork said...

Hang in there. Get well. If you're head is full of snot and your lungs burn, perhaps that's a sign. Better to take a few days off to recover than to lose a couple of weeks.