31 May, 2009

Last day of May 2009

It's been a full year so far. So many things have happened, beginnings and endings and all things in between. I sit and reminisce. Think about the boxes of pictures that require copying. Decades of events on paper, in living colour or black and white and some in sepia tone. I think I should schedule a vacation day, make a long weekend. Probably will be full of smiles, chuckles, tears, and lotsa love.

I bought a toolbox from Target. Pope said probably not the best choice of stores for tools. :-) yeah, but if I need power tools I'll go to Lowes!

Yesterday I conducted an experiment. I ran a duathlon out of my apartment. Brisk walk to the reservoir and then 2 laps for a mile and a half run, brisk walk back to transition to the bike. Rode down Zorn, east to Wolf Pen and back to Mockingbird. River Rd piece was 10 miles. I had a total of 14.8 miles on the bike and went straight into T2, carrying the bike upstairs, changing shoes and heading back to the reservoir. I was a little worried, but the second run was good. Slower than the first, but good. 3 weeks to prep for the Oldham Cty duathlon. 7:30 am start the morning after my birthday. We'll save celebration til Sat afternoon!

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Maggie's Mind said...

It does sound like a vacation day would be in order with so much change it sounds like has been going on in your life. If you do take some time, I hope it's wonderful.