03 May, 2009

Derby Day a new way

Never completely sure if anyone reads. Of course, I've not written much lately either. Lot's of new stuff, still trying to settle in, pay bills, cook for one (or not cook for one). I need to buy tools, go to Radio Shack.

Historically, the Kentucky Derby has been just one big party. some years a day or two and other years as long as a couple of weeks. We held an annual cookout with plenty of pork, potato salad, and a cornucopia of choices for finger good. Of course the beer would flow and mint juleps too.

This year I went out to see a friend play music at a local coffee house on Derby Eve. Home by midnight :-) slept in on Saturday and finally took off on my bike for some solitude. Got home in time to bathe, nap, and catch the race on TV.

Rode again today, solo. Only 30, but again a good time on the bike. Need to get out tomorrow, maybe some hill repeats. TT on Sunday, different way to spend Mother's Day. Youngest's birthday is coming up soon, too. Aside from the time trials, not sure what else I'll be doing as far as racing. Need to wait and see.


Maggie's Mind said...

Sounds like some serious recent developments if I'm reading between the lines correctly. If not, then maybe not. ;) Either way, I wish you all the best.

Sherri said...

Thanks Maggie. Lot's of change, serious but necessary.