10 May, 2009


So, this evening see's Sherri starting out with roasted veggies, then 2 coffee mugs full of Extreme Moosetracks and a 6 pack of Magic Hat's summer brew Wacko. Perfect brew for a nutty lady.

The sun woke me, trying to burn through the window blinds. Ate well. Packed the car. Off to the time trial in Shelby County. big turnout. We arrived about 45 before start time. Started 1 and 2. This was the second in a series. Last month was cool and very windy. The first 3 legs saw either a cross- or head-wind and then a tail-wind last one home. Today was full sun, not a cloud in the sky and the flags were barely dancing in the light breeze at the middle school start. It was still hard and several passed me along the way.

Spent a little time with Mom yesterday. Still some tension, but was nice to visit. Only email or text with the rest of the fam, except the youngest. We talked, seems we are the only ones that talk these days. So much is lost with written conversation.

One of my friends would be saying to call the Whaaammmbulance. They are right. Feeling a little sorry for myself, when I shouldn't be. I am where I am because I want to be here. So, I'm having ice cream and beer, closing out the weekend.

Happy Mother's day
this year find's it a new way
and it's a-okay


f1trey said...

hahaha I was going to put down starcastle as a music too but thought no one would know who it was! Kudos on the jean luc ponty

Maggie's Mind said...

Ice cream and beer are notoriously healing when you are feeling a little sorry for yourself. Lattes, too, not that I'd know. ;)