02 September, 2013

Summer '13 ends

well pretty much, except it's not 9/22 yet.  Not the summer I planned. I look at my race schedule and it ended June 9th other than a couple of token Short Track races. Don't want to sound like I'm complaining. Just stating facts. Wouldn't change a thing, can't even if I did. 

Plenty of time to think and contemplate and be crazy (not in good ways). So I eliminated all these foods. And then went to No Beer August which was no fun. Finally, I may have this chronic condition under control for the time being. Can only live now. Tried real hard to stop sweating what didn't happen or what might happen. So between working on my head (a true work in progress) and diet somehow I can now sit on a bike and not be miserable.

During all of this time my weight has increased. I now weigh 10-11 pounds more than in April. Instead of losing the 10 lbs over summer I gained it. So frustrating! Good thing I didn't drink beer in August and ate fruit and veggies for the most part or I would be out of clothing to wear. Let's face it, I am not buying new clothes in larger sizes. That money goes for bike gear. ;)

Once I could stand to walk without any issues I started a "running" regimen. I run/walk and hopefully the walking will end soon and it will be just running. 2.5-3 miles is where I've started. Last weekend was IMLOU and talk about inspiring! wow, just wow watching friends and strangers put themselves out there for anywhere from 8-15 hours. I am humbled. So when I ran yesterday and started to have negative thoughts enter my head, I pushed them aside. I said, "doing good! better than Thursday" "You made it the entire first mile without walking!" and on and on. Riding Monday, Wed and a weekend day is the plan, with running Tues, Thurs and a weekend day. Today was yoga instead of a bike ride though. Can't get too hung up if the schedule doesn't happen. Not like before.

Cyclocross season starts soon and practice started 2 weeks ago. My hope is to attend Wednesdays and get some good efforts in. Doubt I'll race, except maybe one or two later, if the fitness comes along. Not fit now and can't justify the entry fee and travel money right now. I'm attempting to be frugal, for me. I miss my cycling friends. Not seeing much of anyone these days. Not much communication either. That's fine too. Just a cycle of life I hope. It's like a wheel, keeps moving. Sometimes you are on top and sometimes on the bottom and all the places in between. 

This summer has been on the cool side, with few days in the 90s. It's been nice to keep the a/c off and windows wide open.Sure helped to save on the energy bill. Autumn will be here so soon. It's time I get out of this house and around others. Just need to figure out where and who.  :-) 

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Hope yours was all you wanted it to be.


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