08 December, 2013


it's nice to see them change one to the other. There are many years in Louisville that we don't see any snow or if we do it's a dusting to. couple of inches. We got a nice amount from Friday through today. Started with some freezing rain and then a few layers of it mixed between snow layers makes for crunchy walking.

Had every intention of MTBing this morning but when the alarm went off at 5:45 I could hear sleet hitting the skylight. Checked weather on my phone and it said sleet and freezing rain until 8. I went back to sleep. I love riding in the snow! Something kept me home. Really would be nice to go with someone, especially when roads are iffy. There will be more opportunities so trying not to be upset with myself too much. 

Ice covered trees on Friday before the snow. 

I made it to several of the CX practices but knew I wouldn't have the fitness to race this fall. I've ridden my MTB when I could. Rode a trail in Chicago, went to Brown county a couple of times, rode at John Bryan in the Dayton OH area, went to OBW a couple of times, drove to NC and ride Pisgah and DuPont in early November. Thrown in some running on the tread mill and trainer rides. Went to Nashville last weekend and rode a new trail for me Percy Warner. Good time! Then went to Lock 4 and rode. Started a winter training program this past week but then had a flare up and couldn't keep it going according to plan. However, I have done a few rides in the park after dark and that's been fun. Maybe a little scary but still exhilarating and fun. Signed up for a bike race that I probably have no business doing. But I did it last year, well attempted once and succeeded completing second time. We shall see how this unfolds since it's first weekends in Jan Feb and Mar. 

lock 4, Gallatin TN last weekend

Mom seems to be doing fine lately. We have a new routine where I call her each morning and she takes her medicine while I'm on the phone with her. Hope we can keep those spells away that she was having. 

Hope everyone had a nice a Thanksgiving. Very grateful we had do many with Mom. Hard to believe 14 is almost here. 

peace and good health to you 

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