28 April, 2013


and not training. That's what I've been doing. Difficult to be focused when there are saddle issues and lots of wet trails. So...

Today I rode with 3 other women, on the road, to Utica. Was a great ride and got in some tempo and pace lining. Plenty of comaraderie too.  Good times

Friday I did a trail night ride with a group from meetup. It was fun, but I learned a few things. I need a better light or ride more at night to get used to it. Have more patience. We rode very fast from point to point, but stopped really often and "rested?" I guess you'd call it. Too much standing around for me. It was a good workout though. I will join them again. Once I find a better light.

Lots of emotions lately. trying to just let them come and experience them. 

lots more to type but I'm whooped. off to bed


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