03 October, 2013

Lesson learned?

I give people the benefit of the doubt. For too long at times. If I am your friend I am loyal, sometimes to a fault. But I want to say that someone full of piss and vinegar that is constantly speaking ill of others, that can not give the benefit of the doubt can just stay away from me. I know you've said hurtful things about me, but don't care to know what they are. it's none of my business. And just because I don't want to be around you doesn't mean I don't care. I  always will. I hope no one else suffers from the wrath you hand out. 

And to be such an "animal lover" but kick a kitten. oh dear lord what a sucker we all are.  

That's it. May the ones you've spoken ill  of find peace as I have. May the ones that have heard these words know they are vulnerable too. may those that only hear the sweet and nice words never have to witness the vinegar. 

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