06 July, 2013

Moist weather

and unhappy girl parts have left me off the bike since Tuesday. Finally got my gear together and took off to ride today.  This is what it's looked like for weeks now, but with the added rain.

I stopped at LBS for tubes since I had none for the CX bike and was planning on gravel. Arrived at destination, started getting ready and realize my cue sheet was not in the car. No problem, I'll google the page and write it down again. No writing utensil. So frustrating!!!! Think I need a new tire. We've looked at it several times now. There must be a barb or thorn we've just not found.
I only got 6 miles and last 1.5 or so was on pavement returning to my van. From what I did ride, the scenery was beautiful and the ride was going to be difficult. I have little fitness so the first real climb was misery and I know it only gets more difficult as you ride in and out of the river bottom.
This is the view I was gifted on my detour following my flat tire.

I'm grateful to have friends that explore a wide variety of areas. So you could say I'm a ride poacher. for now.  Hope to start creating my own in the near future.

Lots of other things I've missed writing about over the last weeks, a trip to Land between the Lakes at Grand River, KY and Lock 4 in Gallatin, TN.  The amount of riding in between has been miniscule. Couldn't even hike/run. Have put on too much weight. Mostly too many inches for my clothes. I need to sweat and burn calories in the worst way.

USA Cycling's National XC Mountain bike Nationals is coming up. I'm not fit to race. The IRS still has my refund and fiscally I shouldn't take a week off without pay. BUT you only live once and while I may camp instead of hotelling it, I want to experience new trails. There are a few IMBA Epics in Pennsylvania so I hope to check out at least two while traveling that state.

So much life happening besides me and my bike riding/lack thereof which seems so insignificant.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend. It's a special for one sure.


there is so much I want to type, but can't

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