31 July, 2011

Some kinda funk

Not sure why. My right knee hasn't felt right since I crashed on the trails riding my CX bike. I'm training, but don't think the intensity is where I should be putting it.

Rode Waverly yesterday. Felt like crap the whole time. Was it the heat? air quality? humidity? I am not sure at all. The one thing I do know is that I absolutely love the new trail "under construction" out there. It's being ridden in very well and the whoop-di-dos are fabulous. I had to have sweated minimum 32 ounces. As soon as the ride was over I stripped and put on dry clothes. Except they were soaked in 10 minutes while chatting with some other mtn bikers in the parking lot. I drank a protein drink as soon as I got home, ate a small amount and crashed for about an hour. I had to! GNO was set for 8 pm. It's been a long time since I did a night out like that. Such good chicks to hang with. We talked, laughed, danced  oh yeah....

I turned off all alarms, left the phone in the living room turned down, and slept like a rock. Woke up about 7 and thought, nah...  I hydrated all morning, actually drank several glasses of water while at GNO too. With these temps and exercising, you have to hydrate! Got a call from a fellow Rogue and we decided to meet at the club Heine Bro ride at 2. I haven't done this ride in months. As I rode over I felt weak and almost nauseous. CH and I talked as we started the ride. I had no intentions of doing much. But we jumped in the front group and worked our way through St Matthews and fell into a nice groove in the parks. I was feeling better. But I just knew I'd be dropped  as we rode downtown, missing a light or something. But I didn't I made it all the way to RR and was feeling very good. But somewhere around Champions park they kicked it up and I couldn't respond fast enough. As I approached Thurman Hutchins I realized I was almost out of water. So I pulled in and filled up. Crazy, already downed 2 bottles. I rode most of the ride back solo, until I got to Brownsboro @ Rudy Lane where I met up with a few guys. We clicked off the miles back in good time. A day like today you don't want to stop. Red lights suck, because that is when the heat really gets to you. I'm not feeling too bad about my ride today, considering. Now to decide on Tuesday.  hmmm

Sending out positive and healing vibes to a good buddy. Went through a procedure recently. Hoping they can get back on the trails and road soon. Sure would like to talk with them but that's not to be.

It's supposed to be scorching hot the next few days, 97F tomorrow and 99F on Tuesday. We might see high 80s by first of next week. 

Here's to everyone staying hydrated and having fun the best you can!


ps, my pee has run clear for 3 days, so I can't say I've been dehydrated!

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AM said...

I'm completely impressed that you are riding in this heat. I tend to die in anything over 85 degrees. Yes, I know, what a wuss. Our current lifestyle has made us intolerant of either end of the temperature extremes. Ride on!