09 August, 2011

Life is full of tests

some tests belong to others, but  they also become yours.

Training is blegh right now. The right knee hasn't been the same since I crashed on my CX bike. I saw a massage therapist who did wonders, but that only lasted a few days. During that session she told me I've had lots of whiplash, ha ha ha No Joke! 

Anyway, family is the most important thing to me. My daughters are precious. My Mom and sis and bro as well. There's some personal stuff right now. I am so grateful for good friends. Everything else has to be placed on hold for a day or so. 



Winstunsmith said...

Just let me know if there is anyway I can help. Keep doing rehab on the knee!

your broheme

maggie said...

Hang in there Sherrisss....you're still a rock star!

AM said...

Hang in. Don't push it with training, give stuff a chance to heal. Yes, it's hard to do that, but you know it's right.