14 August, 2011

Certified in something

The past week has been turbulent.  So much has happened. Too personal to post specifics. I took a couple of days away from work and now have so much to make up.

This was supposed to be an easy training week, I'm not sure I've done enough to even qualify as easy week. I started the Heine bro ride on Sunday, but legs felt like lead. Normally, after 20 minutes of riding they start to feel better, but on this day just felt worse and worse. I bailed and went home, only got 15ish miles for the day. Monday was a blank. Tuesday I rode to Utica for 27 miles. First half was decent, ride home was drudgery. Stupid tears flowed most of the way home. Wednesday was easy ride with Thursday as another blank. Friday I got in 18 miles, recovery effort. If nothing else at least riding a bike helps with the overall funk, for a while at least.

My mtn bike and I haven't spent any time together recently. The twist grips became unusable and so they had to be replaced.  I was able to pick it up on Friday afternoon, but just wasn't ready to ride it so I rode my CX bike with road tyres instead. I've been wanting to find a new route to ride in S IN. A friend was nice enough to map one out for me. Thank you again! It goes to Deam Lake. This is where we ride fire roads in winter. It's a little over 23 miles from my house to Flower Gap rd.

It was a great ride, one busy section for about a mile on 111 but the rest was so nice. At least on the way to. About the time I turned on Ebenezer Church rd it started to sprinkle, ever so lightly. This was still on my way to the destination. I turned and headed back after eating my biscuit with almond butter. Once I got to IN 60 and 111 it was raining at a steady pace. It felt great, cool rain with warm steam rising from the pavement. Then about 2 miles south on 111 things changed. I'd seen lightning for a while, but it was close. The dark skies had been moving east but north of me. Now they were closing in around me, the wind was picking up, the rain was coming down very hard. I had my blinky tail light on. Cars had headlights on. Wind blew almost straightline at one point. It was blowing so hard the rain was stinging my skin. I finally had to stop riding, dismount and stand off to the side of the road with my back to the weather. Cars had stopped and put on their emergency flashers. I had a conversation. I was not afraid. There were so many things that happened throughout the week that confirmed my inability to control any situation that I was finally at ease with this one. I was grateful for the rain, we've not had much recently. I knew I was going to be safe, even though I was soaked, as long as I kept my head and didn't panic. A sense of calm that came over me. The winds died down enough that I could continue riding. The rain continued but lessened over the next couple of miles. The streets were filled with water and limbs and debris for the next 15 miles. So maybe I got my certification in crazy riding. I found some strength through the experience though. I found my center. The ride home I felt stronger than I have in weeks. My legs were spinning with such little effort, even the few small climbs were a breeze. This is what riding is about.

When I arrived home I found power out. Traffic signals were still out this morning throughout the eastern part of downtown and the highlands. My power finally came on around 10:30 or 11. Cable and internet, however did not.

There was a local mtn bike race today. It was a rain date from last Sunday. They spent most of last evening cleaning up limbs and clearing trails for the race. I spent the afternoon in the office working. Trying to catch up, at least  a little from the week's distractions. I feel bad for not helping at the race, but I also have to keep priorities in line: family, work, play.

Right now I'm trying not to live in the past or future, but present only. However, I did make room reservations for CX Natz in WI for January. I'm thinking it's a good thing I didn't make firm plans for NC this month. Have to see how things go this next week or so.

I have one more mtn bike race I'd planned on doing that is scheduled for two weeks from today. Right now I hope to split my time between the CX bike and being practicing those skills and the mtn bike. We'll see how things go. So many things can change my plans. I just have to be flexible, trust in the universe and continue to breathe in the good and exhale the toxic.

Sending much love and high vibrations to those who are healing, finding help and helping others.



Carol said...

Hi, Sherri! Followed FB to your blog, and I can see someone needs to tell you to get out of the rain when you're bike riding! lol! I'm stepping up to do it! Really glad you came out safe. That was some really frisky weather. Good for you that you're riding and and doing so much for health and strength. Wish I could say the same, but maybe if I keep watching, I'll pick up some good habits from you!


AM said...

Weather in the SE can be nasty! The brief time we lived in NC we had unbelievable thunderstorms. You're braver than me riding in a storm like that. I would be a major weather wimp. Rain I can do, but not major wind. It's the whole being blown off the road thing... Hope things settle down for you soon.