31 August, 2011

Day 1+ and counting

We survived a full day + , Mom and I. No knock down, drag outs so far.  She did manage to lock us out of the main bathroom. I have no keys to interior doors. So I had my first lesson (self administered) on how to disassemble a door knob. Now, I need to get it back on. Well, we can wait until I get a key before I do that.

The dog loves to bark. I'm good with that when she is outside in the back yard. Not so much  when she is in the house.

I'm glad I got out to ride tonight. We both needed the space.  :)

I can only wonder what tomorrow will bring. Doesn't matter. We'll live it, survive it, and hopefully enjoy most of it!!!

Family is where it's at.

Many friends are going through lots of life as well. Much love to you all.


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